Salus, the wellness area in the Hotel Seeschloss

Relax with a unique view

Welcome to the Salus Wellness Centre, your place of relaxation with a unique view. Here you can simply let go, relax and recharge your batteries. Treat yourself to some time out and experience exclusive moments of wellbeing that harmonise body, mind and soul.

As soon as you enter our Salus area, the hustle and bustle of everyday life is out the door. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and let yourself be pampered by our wide range of wellness treatments. Whether it's a soothing massage, a relaxing beauty treatment or simply enjoying the peace and quiet, Wellness Salus has everything you need to unwind.

Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and indulgence at the Hotel Seeschloss and be enchanted by the breathtaking views.

Discover the soothing power of Rügen's nature

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and healing power of the island of Rügen. Our exclusive treatments capture the essence of this unique island and pamper you with the finest local treasures. Pamper yourself with products such as the famous Rügen healing chalk and the precious sea buckthorn, the 'gold of the Baltic', both renowned for their beneficial and healing properties.


Discover the world of Ayurvedic and Hawaiian massages.

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and regeneration with our exclusive Ayurvedic and Hawaiian massages. These traditional techniques combine centuries of knowledge to provide deep relaxation for body, mind and spirit. Our expert, Ms Eckert, is a qualified physiotherapist and knows her stuff.

Ayurvedic massages
Ayurvedic massages draw on the wisdom of the ancient Indian art of healing. They use gentle, flowing movements and warm oils to promote inner balance and harmony. These massages are not only relaxing but also healing. They help to harmonise the flow of energy and support the balance of body and mind. Special herbal oils and techniques are used to increase vitality and revitalise the whole body.

Hawaiian massages
Hawaiian massages, such as the famous Lomi Lomi Nui, are inspired by the healing touches of Hawaiian culture. These techniques combine rhythmic, wave-like movements that penetrate deep into the tissues, releasing stress and tension. The massage creates a connection between body and mind that is reminiscent of the natural rhythms of the ocean and offers a unique experience of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Why choose this massage?
Experience the unique combination of deep relaxation and energising renewal. Ayurvedic and Hawaiian massages offer more than just physical relaxation. They support regeneration at the deepest level, promote emotional well-being and help you find inner peace. Let yourself be carried away into the world of Ayurvedic and Hawaiian massages and enjoy a time out to relax and revitalise.

Salus Speciall
Pure luxury: start your relaxation in our infrared cabin followed by a back massage: 60 minutes, 59 EUR

Full body massage
Enjoy the feeling of being massaged from head to toe and feel completely relaxed afterwards: 50 minutes, 75 EUR

Head and face massage
This relaxing treatment tones the facial area and ensures deep relaxation of the entire head and facial muscles:30 minutes, 42 EUR


Discover the pure natural product of healing chalk at the Hotel Seeschloss. Our healing chalk wraps have a skin-improving, decongestant and pain-relieving effect. Enjoy the beneficial effects of this natural treatment and feel your skin regenerate and relax. Allow yourself to be pampered by the healing power of healing chalk and give your body the care it deserves.

Lassen Sie die Rügener Heilkreide auf sich wirken und genießen Sie die wohltuende Wärme. Ideal zur Vorbereitung weiterer Wohlfühlanwendungen: 25 Minuten, 35 Euro

Entspannendes Bad
mit Rügener Heilkreide: 20 Minuten, 39 Euro

mit Rügener Rücken-Heilkreidepackung und anschließender entspanndender Rückenmassage. inkl. Glas Sekt: 60 Minuten, 90 Euro

Spa Baths

We offer a variety of spa baths which are a wonderful relaxation technique. A spa bath loosens the muscles of the entire body and helps you to calm down. It also increases the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. Let yourself be enchanted by our range of spa baths and treat yourself to a soothing time out. See for yourself and discover the perfect bath for your relaxation.

Sop Baths
ist ein Bad in Milch, Olivenöl und Kreide – einer Kaiserin würdig. Zusätzlich stabilisiert Milch den Säurebasenhaushalt der Haut: 20 Minuten, 35 Euro

wirkt harmonisierend und nervenstärkend: 20 Minuten, 35 Euro

Indische Melisse
hat eine wohltuende Wirkung und eignet sich hervorragend zur Beruhigung des Gemüts. Zudem sorgt der Duft der Melisse für langanhaltende, tiefgehende Entspannung: 20 Minuten, 35 Euro

Sauna Area

Enjoy the variety of our sauna facilities, which are open daily from 13.00 to 22.00.

Our Finnish sauna pampers you with classic sauna heat and a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea.
Wrap yourself in the warmth and enjoy the sweeping views of the sea.

Our steam sauna offers a gentle and humid sauna experience that stimulates your senses and pampers your skin.
Relax in a pleasant atmosphere while the steam unfolds its beneficial effects.

Our infrared cabin offers a modern alternative to the traditional sauna and promotes your wellbeing with gentle infrared heat.
Enjoy the soothing radiant heat and feel your muscles relax.

After your sauna session, we invite you to relax in our relaxation room. Six comfortable rocking loungers with a direct view of the Baltic Sea await you. Allow yourself to be pampered by the calming atmosphere of the sea and the fresh sea air and recharge your batteries for the day ahead.

Enjoy not only the wide range of relaxation options in the sauna area of the Hotel Seeschloss, but also the unique view of the Baltic Sea, which will make your stay an unforgettable experience.